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The digital age is about people, not technology!

Learn why trust matters - and insights on our levels of comfort in giving out certain details in different contexts ... VIEW THE INFOGRAPH


44.6% admit to sending highly sensitive information - unprotected - using email - to organizations in regulated industries!


Protecting Clients in a Hostile World 

For organizations that provide services to clients, data security is an important part of business. With lawyers and law firms, however, who are entrusted with highly sensitive client information as a course of business, the need for security trust is of critical importance. This is a must watch for anyone interested in learning how to mitigate privacy and security risks in this transformational digital business landscape ... WATCH NOW


25% told us they were unsure what encryption is - despite it being a critical security measure!


Trust in the Age of Digital Business 

To understand the risks and business opportunities associated with sharing sensitive information, we asked 2,000 adults to rate their level of comfort in sharing personal details in different contexts and found a greater level of caution exercised in our romantic lives than in sharing highly personal disclosures to large companies or faceless organizations ... WATCH NOW


OneWorld Encryption Delivery Methods
To meet the increased appetite for personalizing digital as a way to advance business objectives, Echoworx's OneWorld Encryption Platform helps organizations leverage encryption across business-lines by enabling administrators to specify different encryption delivery methods ... READ NOW


56% Millennials use email to exchange sensitive information—not only with their peers, but also with companies.

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Security Incidents

Security isn't just a technology issue!

Increasingly, organizations are realizing that customer growth is at stake if they don’t commit to balancing security and compliance with customer experience ... VIEW THE INFOGRAPH